Collection: Chic Bouquets Workshops – [July - August] 盛夏花束及包裝花藝班

A three-part series of seasonal workshop, unleash the secrets of making SOLOMON BLOEMEN’s unique gigantic  bouquets  incorporating the latest trend of packaging, seasonal flowers and foliage.  Anyone holding these floral bouquets will definitely be the center of attention!

共三個獨立課堂,每一個課堂將選用時下流行的熱帶花材及葉材,教授SOLOMON BLOEMEN 獨特的花束製作及包裝。

 Course fee: $2,800 per lesson (all floral materials included)

(Total fee of HK$7,800 if enrolled for all 3 lessons)

Offer: 優惠

  • $7,800 if enrolled for all 3 workshops in one go  一次性報讀三個課堂費用為$7800

  • $7,800 if enrolled together with at least one friend  與一位朋友同報讀 費用為$7800

  • $7,500 for 3 workshops if you enroll together with any of our certificate or professional accreditation course in one go 報讀證書/國際認證課及同時報讀此工作坊,費用為 $7500

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