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Nurture your blooms

You can either keep your flowers in this gorgeous gift bag or give your blooms a bit more space in your favourite vase.

 These beautiful blooms are all yours.  Carefully remove the packaging and pop them on a protected surface to let them breathe.  Grab your favourite vase and add 1 litre of water plus the flower food (you'll find it in the box).

 Now it's time to get cutting, we recommend trimming around 3cm from the bottom of you stems at an angle - don't forget to take off any leaves that will sit below the water line too.

 Pop your flowers in pride of place, the perfect spot would be away from direct heat, draughts, fresh fruit or direct sunlight.

 Every couple of days, top up the vase with ½ litre of fresh water and re-trim the stems to keep your flowers blooming beautifully for longer.

 If you would prefer to keep them where they are, make sure they are bit more space in your favourite vase or on a protected surface and keep them hydrated every couple of days. Pour water into the centre of the stems, be careful not to overfill though!



  • Protect all surfaces from product and packaging as scratching or staining may occur.
  • Flower food may stain if spilled.
  • If lilies or dyed products are included, pollens or dyes may stain.
  • Painted, glittered or snow-covered products may stain or scratch.
  • Contact with certain flower varieties may cause skin/eye irritation.
  • No products should be consumed by animals or humans.
  • Ivy, hyacinth, lilies, tulips, narcissi, anthurium, chrysanthemum, delphiniums, eucalyptus, rhododendron and berries products are toxic to pets if eaten.
  • Dispose of all packaging immediately